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Together our fantastic staff bring over 40 years of childcare experience to Box Pre-School Playgroup.


Yvonne, our playgroup supervisor has lived in Box for 16 years with her husband Mark. Her two sons went to the local primary school in box and are now at Corsham School. Yvonne is qualified to NVQ level 3 and completed her PGCE (secondary school) at Bristol University. She previously worked at playgroup when her younger son was there and subsequently managed another nursery. In her spare time she enjoys walking, reading and cooking. She loves her current role at the heart of the community.


Sarah started working at Playgroup when her daughter started school, where she has worked happily as part of the team for 10 years. Sarah's background is in both arts and sports. She completed her Fine Arts Degree at the Royal College of Art in London after which she began a further qualification in Sports Science and Physiology. Sarah worked as a personal trainer at a gym in Bath before having her daughter. She continues to enjoy running and other sports and tries to find time for artistic pursuits. Sarah has recently achieved her NVQ 3.


Lauren originally worked with older people as a carer as she liked helping people, but decided she would enjoy working with children more after babysitting. She has helped at a Brownie Pack where she worked with the Brownies in small groups and playing games. She looks forward to gaining more experience with children and increasing her knowledge by attending training courses.


Caroline lives in Corsham with her husband Ian, and three children. Two of her children have attended the local primary school. When Caroline is not working at playgroup she is often helping at school with fundraisers and in the classroom.


Ali lives in Box with her husband Mark and two children. Both Ali’s children attended playgroup and the local Primary school. Ali’s whole career has been working with children and she holds her NNEB qualification. Ali helps out at the local primary school and is a Box Speed watch team leader. Ali sews in her spare time and has set up her own business,“Duck Ruby”.



Parents and Pre-School Playgroup Committee

The Playgroup staff are employed by a committee which is made up of parents and friends of the group. A list of the current committee members is on the notice board in the Playgroup and can also be found below. If you are interested in joining the committee (new members are always very welcome!) please speak to the chairperson. Meetings are very informal, usually once every six weeks and fundraising is often the main item of business. The AGM is held annually in the Autumn Term. We are self-financing and therefore constantly on the look-out for new fundraising ideas, so please let us know if you have any!


Committee 2018/2019

Chair Bethan Harper
Treasurer Jo Hall
Book Keeper Elaine Caddy
Secretary Katie Rawlings
General Committee Members Nicola Goulding, Debbie Pygott, Emily Poolman, Sam Cunnington
Ofsted Representative Yvonne Jenkinson


Our Playgroup Chair is the main support and contact for Yvonne and for the first time we have added the position of a Supporting Chair. Our Treasurer/Book Keeper and Secretary are legal roles to any committee and our Advertising and Marketing positions are essential to inform our parents of any news and to promote Box Playgroup further afield.


This years committee team are a dedicated, hard-working and fun group of mums. They strongly believe in the ethos of Box Pre-school Playgroup, fully support the working team and are committed to help making Playgroup the best start that the children can get before Primary school.


In addition, we have the invaluable support of rota Mums, Dads, Grandparents and carers, who regularly come in to provide extra support and share their skills with our children.